Energising Secrets gives your body and mind a natural boost. This range is developed with natural ingredients from the tropics.

Energising Secrets

Energising Secrets


These products, based on oils and seeds with a fresh and fruity perfume, have been especially developed to moisturize and protect the skin. We used the same natural ingredients as women have been using for centuries in a humid environment, as the amazon.


Generations of resourceful Amazonian women have gathered, dried and pressed local ingredients to make the protective and hydrating skincare solutions they need. Thanks to Treets, you can enjoy the benefits of their tried and trusted discoveries without going through all that effort.


These products are made with tamanu oil, passion fruit, buriti oil and sacha inchi oil.


Free from SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, micro plastics, colourants and mineral oils.


Energising secrets

Experience the energising secrets of the Amazone.